Ethnographic Interviewing: We ferret out these connections and analogies during the ethnographic interview. This is a unique method of getting into the minds of consumers to discover the unarticulated, often symbolic relationship to the product or service studied. The ethnographic interview takes place in a consumer¹s home or place of work. These interviews are conducted either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, such as couples, friends and neighbors. They tend to be structured as informal discussions rather than a series of questions and answers. Our goal is to understand the relationship between a consumer's lifestyle and the product. Anthropological researchers specialize in putting behavior in larger cultural contexts - by determining key meanings of goods and services in everyday life.

Participant Observation is the practice of observing people actually using and interacting with products or services. Observation allows us to understand exactly how people are living their lives on a daily basis and to locate the position and use of a product within every dimension of that life. 

Video & Ethnographic Film is a methodology that has proven particularly useful in adding depth and breath to the ethnographic portraits of our respondents, showing the client who their customers are and what truly animates and moves them. Most importantly, video powerfully illustrates the major themes of ethnographic research, adding further depth to the ethnographic presentation. We have also used consumer videos (videos created by consumers) to help us understand the role the product or service plays in the consumer¹s life. 

Analysis: We use various anthropological and other theoretical approaches to frame our analyses. Our team has training in symbolic anthropology and also in linguistic anthropology. We have also used approaches drawn from aesthetic theory and theories in the culture of design to help our clients with branding and product development and even logo design. We have used approaches drawn from the anthropology of religion and ritual to help clients understand some of the most compelling meanings of consumer routines.

Our Philosophy: We seek culture connections on two different levels: connections between the consumer product and the american cultural system, and connections between a particular product and what anthropology has learned about human behavior across the globe. Through analogies drawn from the knowledge of other cultures, we can throw new light on consumer behavior learn more→