We combine ethnographic field techniques, tailored to your specific needs, with a deep analysis of cultural trends to deliver impactful insights and strategic recommendations

Ethnography: Our unique training in cultural anthropology makes us astute observers of the hidden meanings and patterns of everyday behaviors that form the bedrock of consumer desire and decision making. Our goal is to understand human behavior within a larger cultural context and to determine the key, often unarticulated meanings of goods and services. This requires us to immerse ourselves in the everyday lives and contexts of the people we study. By observing, and interacting and participating in activities with people in their own homes and workplaces, we are able to get into the mind of the consumer, and observe their habits and behaviors first hand. 

Deep Cultural Analysis: But we don’t stop there! Real insights occur when our field data is interpreted culturally – analyzed as a reflection of a larger system of values, beliefs, symbols and behaviors. For example, when analyzing the data on the uses of soap in American consumer homes we drew on our deep familiarity with theories of culture to suss out how consumers’ soap preferences relate to American conceptions of cleanliness, and rituals of self-presentation. Similarly, when studying mobile technology preferences we didn’t just ask what features drive people to prefer one phone over another; we asked how this preference is informed by deeply held beliefs and values about community, relationships and communication.

Project Specific Techniques: Every product and every project is different — there is no one size fits all when it comes to research. We rely on a repertoire of creative techniques, tailored to suit your research needs and budget, to add texture and depth to our ethnographic studies. Some techniques we have used in the past include: ethnographic video and still photography, shop alongs, journey mapping, pre and post homework assignments, video diaries, drawing and ideation exercises, and more.

Strategic Recommendations: Based on our rigorous ethnographic methods and cultural analysis we deliver clear, strategic recommendations that our clients have used to inform product innovation and to develop effective, culturally nuanced marketing campaigns and business strategies. We are committed to delivering insights that last; insights that provide businesses with a long-term vision and strategy rather than a short-term solution.