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Culture Connections and Culture Analogies

The basic approach of Maschio Consulting is to use the theories and observational techniques of cultural anthropology to interpret consumer behavior. Our creative and insightful interpretations of consumer behavior lead to compelling advertising and business strategies.

We seek culture connections on two different levels: connections between the consumer product and the American cultural system, and connections between a particular product and what anthropology has learned about human behavior across the globe. Through analogies drawn from the knowledge of other cultures, we can throw new light on American consumer behavior. For example, an anthropologist has used ideas drawn from interpretations of the famous New Guinea exchange system known as the Kula to help a company design an online picture exchange system (New York Times December 26th 2004). We have used ideas drawn from the anthropology of ritual to understand women's relationship with their hair care products and we have used the anthropology of magic to understand the experience of financial transactions. Communication strategies based on cross-cultural knowledge can powerfully connect a product or service to consumer needs and desires... more >