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Antonella Fabri, Ph.D., is a cultural anthropologist with an international background in Spain, Latin America, Italy, and the U.S.  Her expertise in anthropology branches into the study of contemporary cultures and phenomena, from politics, to economics, to pop culture.  One of her specialties is her familiarity with Latino cultures, both in Latin America and in the US, and she has trained moderators and other anthropologists on fieldwork with Latinos participants.  She has taught specialized courses in anthropology and research methods, and collaborates on projects as wide-ranging as public health to organizational culture, converging on the theme of cultural difference and behavior.  Currently, she consults in a variety of market categories like finance, hospitality, luxury, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and home products. 

Dr. Fabri is an expert in ethnographic research,  ideation, persona creation, video ethnography, and brand development. Fluent in Spanish and Italian, her expertise is with mainstream and multicultural research, particularly Hispanic consumers.