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Applied Cultural Anthropology for Business

Projects and Publications:

For Google

The Meaning of Mobile: Culture and Emotion in the New Mobile Space
Report and series of ethnographic videos explored the meanings of mobile technologies and the experiences created with them by users. The Google white paper: The Meaning of Mobile outlines commercial findings and brand implications.
Google's Abigail Posner on the Human Operating System
At Columbia University's BRITE '12 conference, Google's Abigail Posner mentions work by Maschio Consulting in a presentation regarding how digital innovation in five areas - physical, storytelling, location, visualization, and play - enhances the human experience and offers opportunities for brands to connect deeply and strongly with their current and prospective consumers.
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Visual Story Telling in the Digital Space: Culture, Emotion and Visual Expression
Report and visual ethnography provided an anthropological analysis of the uses of and the language of visual imagery in the digital space. The study's aim was to align the imagery of brands with the character of present day digital visual culture
The Engagement Project: Finding the Meaning in Memes
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Anthropologists in Technology: Dr. Tom Maschio-Google @AnthroTech meetups part 1
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Think Brand
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Creative Communities and the Gift Economy: The Emerging Cultural Meanings of Social Media
Thomas Maschio
Recent anthropological analysis of the emerging meanings of and cultural significance of social media.
The Meaning of Mobile in Singapore
Thomas Maschio
Report explored the meanings attributed to, and the uses of, mobile technologies in an Asian cultural context, that of Singapore. The report provided a comparative perspective to prior work done by Maschio Consulting on the meaning of mobile in North America.
Meaning of Mobile in Singapore
Thomas Maschio
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