A New Story Moment - Lived Stories and the VR Experience: Our 150 page study and series of ethnographic videos for the Google News Lab and Google Zoo explores the distinctiveness of virtual reality as a new mode of story expression and experience. It also focused on the attractions and meanings virtual reality pieces have for early adopters of VR technologies. The study calls for content creators to fashion a new culture of storytelling that surfaces the medium’s strengths. Central to this new culture is a shift from storytelling to storyliving. The study leverages many classical ideas drawn from the anthropology of performance, the anthropological study of oral literature and the anthropology of religion and ritual. It is written mainly to help journalists, but has wider media and commercial applications.

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Building a Nurturing Holding Environment-Mother, Babies, Feeding, Food and Formula: Our ethnographic report for Publicis Kaplan Thaler and Similac (Abbott Laboratories) addressed the culture controversies surrounding breast versus bottle feeding and other aspects of the parenting wars. However, the main objective of the research was to reveal how mothers construct a nurturing, supportive social field around their infants. The research also focused on the emotional dimensions and satisfactions of mother-child interactions centering around feeding. The business objective of the research was to provide the Similac brand with a human and humane identity for parents.

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