We have formalized our relationship with Lucule Consulting, an innovation team headed by Debra Kaye, and offer the following services: 

Our Process

  • Iterative, highly strategic, starting and ending with the consumer
  • Looking inward as well as outward as real opportunity is born from the convergence of marketplace and consumer trends, as well as corporate culture, capabilities, and existing brand equities
  • Building off the roots, visions and passions of key internal stakeholders
  • Seeking external inspiration internationally, from other company successes, from the future, from outside experts and creative consumers
  • Considering new methodologies to determine the appeal of further out innovation
  • Being multi-faceted and using projective techniques to gain learning, which differ with objective for close-in or further-out innovation
  • Consisting of franchise-building concepts, not one-off ideas (which are temporary and offer no consumer-meaningful competitive differentiation)
  • Determining the optimum methodology that best fits company decision making process, resources, timing and practices

How We're Different

  • A platform-driven approach to innovation that restructures markets
  • A anthropological approach to gathering insights and a psychological approach to analyzing them –
    • this enables the discovery of deep underlying motivations rather than the superficial ones that marketing often problem solves
    • anthropology also provides understanding of consumer practices that are more likely to repeat, as it is easier for new ideas to take hold when they are targeted towards deep-rooted habits
  • A team of Global Ideators with a trained eye for recognizing the next big thing
  • An international pool of world class creative talent to create what we conceive
  • A passion for going beyond results to change the game