Hester Betlem is a cultural anthropologist based in New York City.  Hester received her PHD from The Johns Hopkins University in 2012.  Her doctoral dissertation explored local engagements with and interpretations of state law among marginalized rural communities in South India.  After finishing her PHD, Hester taught anthropology at Western Washington University and Purchase College, and spent a year working as a research fellow at an international women’s fund that supports grassroots women’s organization world-wide.  Hester has worked on Maschio Consulting projects for the past two years.  Her expertise include the culture and religions of South Asia, gender, legal and ritual theory, and non-profit programming and evaluation. She is passionate about applying the tools gleaned from her academic training in cultural anthropology to develop rich, actionable insights in the business and non-profit sectors.  Hester speaks Telugu, one of four South Indian Languages, and her native language, Dutch, in addition to English.