Everyday Things: an Anthropologist's take on Consumer Rituals

Thomas Maschio, 2015 The Journal of Business Anthropology, 2011 lowleveljetstream.com

"In categories as varied as pet food, bicycles, credit card use, food, and electronics, the successful product or brand often gives people a sense of what can only be described as the sacred in the everyday."

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Emotion And Consumer Rituals

Thomas Maschio, 2011 Anthropology News

"I originally trained in the anthropology of religion and did my first fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, studying a Melanesian people's sense of the sacred. My work as a business consultant studying consumer culture has turned out to be not very different."

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Culture, Desire, and Consumer Culture in America in the New Age of Social Media

Thomas Maschio, 2016 Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal

"This (forthcoming) opinion piece considers the role of desire in giving shape to culture forms and in guiding economic practices in contemporary American Culture. This essay also outlines how certain basic values of American culture are reproduced on the consumer plane and that American consumer culture is partly defined as a restless pursuit of values. The larger theme is that America is developing new forms of sociality and self, and that these can be clearly glimpsed in the actions and preferences of consumer culture, most especially the emergence of social media and the rise of digital life-ways."

Google, Humanistic Anthropology And The Play Of Smartphones

Thomas Maschio, 2012 Google: The Humanizing Digital Project

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How Doctors and Patients Talk Past One Another: The Clash of Scientific and Folk Worldviews

Thomas Maschio, 2007 Anthropology News

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The Refrigerator, and American Ideas of "Home"

Thomas Maschio, May 2002 Anthropology News

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The Culture of Desire

Thomas Maschio, 2000 Anthropology News

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Metaphors > Persuasion

Thomas Maschio, published 2011 lowleveljetstream.com

"The advertiser's art of persuasion demands the use of powerful metaphors-metaphors that express fresh insight into the relationship between the consumer and the product and product category."


Thomas Maschio, 2011 lowleveljetstream.com

"... a process of creating or recycling family history, of outlining degrees of familial affection, of intimacy, or of distance was spatially diagrammed on the refrigerator surface."

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Closing the Gap Between Doctors and Patient

Thomas Maschio, 2007 Anthropology News

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